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App Design

SandyHut Media specialise in designing functional and interactive Apps. We work closely with our clients to come up with a strategy and design that fits the brief and ultimately makes for a great consumer experience. We are able to develop IOS & Android apps and can integrate them with multiple services such as database and web services.

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SandyHut Media Development

App Development

Our preferred development product is RubyMotion. We can build Apps very quickly and offer a wide scope of features such as communication functionality, the storing of local data, In-App purchases and push notifications. All our apps are fully optimised to ensure the best possible rankings in both the App store and Google Play.

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SandyHut Media Customer Support

Customer Support

Having an App need not be a daunting experience. We will work with you to establish your design and functionality requirements. We will then assist and advise you every step of the way, through the initial design phase, the development and testing stages and, finally, the release phases with continued support once your App is live.

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Some of our Creations.
CarVital Used Car App

CarVital Used Car. UK Buying Guide for Used Cars.

This iPhone app required complex REST Web Services to support the information used to provide the consumer with all the necessary details for purchasing a used car in the UK, including MOT History, Tax, Vehicle Specification, Tyres and NCAP Ratings.

We also had to interact with a local WiFi Point and create a test harness to simulate talking to Car Engine Data via an OBD2 port.

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PerfectPuppy App

Perfect Puppy. find the right breed of dog for your lifestyle!

This Android and iPhone app was purely designed around content. We wanted to bring easy tiles to the welcome screen for users to instantly recognise the content they would be navigating into.

Perfect Puppies was supported with an AppBuilder, this was a small website that the client could use to post their material for each breed or subject as well as uploading images. We used the clients data to create the content, making this a fast app to build and develop.

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KardioClub App

KardioClub. Rowing, Running and Cycling Fitness tracker for Clubs and Individuals.

KardioClub was designed for a group of work colleagues who wanted to create a Club for a bit of competition and moral support whilst keeping fit. The group’s interest are Running, Cycling and Rowing, three integral cardio sports.

We also created a standard desktop website for individuals, who do not have an iPhone. In addition to this, the App also required an authentication system setup so user data was separate and secure and allowed users to create a new Club and administer a Club’s details.

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We're always looking for exciting opportunities to work with new clients.

Whether you’re looking to build a more complex App with interactive functionality or a simple content App, we would welcome the opportunity to talk through your project.

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